This is Silverbow

Welcome to Silverbow, a delightful full featured and free WordPress theme.  We think this theme will be great for anyone who wants a wonderful free theme to get started with their next website.

sparbalu wordpress theme

Look at that simple, minimal and modern design.  That’s what Silverbow is all about.  You can download Silverbow and other great free wordpress themes here.

Silverbow in a word: Awesome

When the main purpose of a website is to display images and various multimedia, it is important to have a responsive theme that will effectively highlight the images. Hence, users should consider working with WordPress photography themes like Silverbow.  The thing about the Silverbow theme is that even if it’s minimal in terms of overall design, Silverbow provides users with the right kind of layout to use in building their online portfolios. It is easy to customize. Headers and backgrounds can be changed with a few clicks and users can even add their official logos, widgets, menus, and blocks of text.

One of the best features is its slideshow function. Users will just need to drag and drop their chosen pictures in the order that they want them displayed. As a bonus, there is also no limit to the number of images included in the slideshow.  Aside from quality pictures, WordPress photography themes like Silverbow can also accommodate video and audio files. For better organization of their collection, users can also create different galleries for their multimedia ensuring that visitors can navigate through their content with ease.

Highly-responsive, WordPress photography themes like Silverbow are coded to automatically convert your site to fit the display requirements of any device your visitors use. May it be on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, your site will always look amazing.

Fast, intuitive, and most importantly easy to utilize, WordPress photography themes like Silverbow provide website builders with an excellent and reliable theme to start developing their sites with.  For one, a WordPress photography theme like Silverbow doesn’t offer just a single display layout. There are over 20 designs that users can choose from.  Using a layout or two eases the design process without limiting the users’ design abilities. These preset layouts can be customized to suit their specific needs yielding them sites that are truly one-of-a-kind.

For customized layouts, these can be saved to the built-in library for later access. For those who are in the business of building sites, having multiple layouts available can save hours on projects in the future.  And with WordPress photography themes like Silverbow, customization is always a breeze as there are multiple button options and CTAs (call to action) to choose from plus a drag and drop editing feature.

Editing is also responsive which means that users can switch from one device view to another when working on the independent designs.  For most website builders, load times matter heavily and with this theme, little to no loading lags can be expected. With this, the concept of refreshing pages will be no longer be a needed.